Reese Transportation has the manpower and equipment to handle all your aggregate hauling and transport needs efficiently, safely and responsibly.

Our team of professional and dedicated drivers are our most valued asset and are the key to our steady growth and success. All our drivers are highly trained and experienced and ready to serve our customer's needs in a timely manner.

Off-site concrete and asphalt crushing excavation

We are ready to serve all your aggregates, transport, demolition, offsite crushing needs with unmatched reliability using our fleet of premium trucks. Let us know what you need hauled and we will provide a solution.

  • Sell and haul aggregates,

    We haul many hauling aggregates including recycled concrete, Asphalt millings, Armor Stone, Rip-Rap, Stone, Sand, Fill Dirt, Topsoil, Shells are thick cohog shells, cleaned with no trash or protein and no smell. All our aggregates whether delivered or picked up are weighed on Maryland certified scale.

  • Move construction equipment

    We transportation of construction equipment in Virginia while adhering to all the logistical and special requirements to ensure safe delivery.

  • Demolition

    We handle all sorts of demolition services in Maryland. We help builders get things cleared for their next stage.

  • Off site crushing of concrete and asphalt

    We offer concrete and asphalt recycling crushing at our plant; we can crush and screen the products to fit your specifications. The crushed product is available for pickup or delivery.


    We also have a hydraulic hammer for concrete crushing, a water truck and a concrete pulverizer